Quite Smoking to Control Temper

Quite Smoking to Control TemperRecently, a group of researchers from the Missouri University found that a small change in lifestyle, like quitting smoke, can bring magnificent changes in the overall personality of a person. It has further been found by the researchers that youngsters are often caught in the traps of smoking unknowingly.

It is believed that peer pressure and the trend of smoking among celebrities lead youngsters to the ill habit of smoking. Moreover, these youngsters are aware of the ill effects of smoking before they begin to smoke.

For the study, the researchers compared habits of smokers, 18-35 years-of-age, with those of non smokers. During the study, the researchers found that the impulsive smokers were least interested in smoking. In fact, the smokers were more prone to serious behavioral problems.

It has been informed that the researchers will further continue the study to understand the cause behind abuse taking place in the society by the hands of smokers. There is no doubt that smoke does leave some impact over the thinking of a person. An aggressive smoker if quits smoke then there is possibility of him living a calm and peaceful life.