Women’s Life Mate Preference: Man with Low Pitch Voice

Women’s Life Mate Preference: Man with Low Pitch VoiceWomen prefer her mate to be one with a low masculine voice, revealed the academics at the University of Aberdeen. The pitch of a male's voice is one of those important aspects that women generally keep in mind and while deciding for their life partner counts on the same.

According to the study, for women, the pitch of a man's voice is important while assessing his genetic quality and behavioral traits. And, this is the reason why they purposely look out for this quality of men. Especially when they are on their way to choose their life partner, their memories help them provide instant information about the qualities of their matcher.

To conduct the study, the researchers carried out two different experiments. In the first one, they showed an image of the object with an electronically manipulated voice in high and low pitches and in the second experiment, they used actual male and female voices to identify that how women evaluate the voices and for how long they remember the object memory.

With help of both the experiments, researchers got to know that most of the women prefer getting engaged with a male having low pitch voice and they remember objects more precisely if they are introduced by the profound male voice.