More is needed to help people from failing care services

care-servicesA report has stated that in England, to help people from failing care services, a lot needs to be done.

A firm had run into financial problems in Southern Cross homes and it has been stated by the National Audit office that greater safeguards are needed when this happens.

On the way funding is done for services, there were a lot of shortcomings in the government reforms.

It is being decided by the Department of Health whether it is needed to oversee the £23bn market more closely.

The lives of people has increased and due to the ‘personal budgets’ scheme that was started by the last Labour government, demand in the care industry is set to grow. This is also set to rise as choosing own care services by users and local authorities giving cash direct to users is set to go on.

By April 2013, the government wants the scheme to encompass everyone eligible for state funded care.

In Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland, direct payments to care users are used, and to raise availability, a bill will be introduced by the government.

Amyas Morse, head of the NAO, said, “As the population ages and more pressure is put on social care, the Department of Health must ensure that its oversight of the care market is robust, that people have access to the information and support that they need.”