Walk to Support Cancer Research

WalkSeptember 16 is being celebrated as Cancer Council ‘Walk to Work Day’ by Australians. On the eve, people have been urged to leave their car at home and, instead walk to spread awareness about cancer. however, if your place is quite far from your work place then also you can take part in the event by travelling by public transport and stopping just few kilometers before your office.

Besides, one can also take a half hour walk during lunch break, and so on. The concept of “walk” came into being when it was found that walking reduces the chances of one coming in contact with cancer. Moreover, a physically active person is less prone to get affected by illness.

Those interested in participating in the walk can do so by registering free-of-cost. It has been reported that during the walk, Camden Liberal MP Chris Patterson will be seen participating in the 4.5 kilometer walk.

The day is not only beneficial for the cancer patients but also for those who are suffering from obesity. Walking burns significant level of calories and ensures healthy life. It is for the 13th time when the event will be held in the country.