Mouthwash Allergy Claims Life

Mouthwash Allergy Claims LifeIn a recent incident, it was revealed that a woman died at a dentist's clinic. This was due to her allergy to mouthwash. It was when she went to the dentists for a routine procedure she was given mouthwash to rinse her mouth. She had an allergic reaction with it and succumbed to it. The name of the woman was Sacha Rumaner and she had gone to Morley Street dental clinic in East Sussex.

She used the mouthwash and suddenly started feeling itchy on the back of her legs. She had also said she was feeling hot. Within minutes, she was twitching on the floor and her life ended. The staff at the dentist clinic was of the view that she had suffered an epilepsy fit. There were protocols followed for treating the same but it was too late. By the time the emergency team arrived, she had succumbed.

After this there were a number of tests were conducted to find out the cause of death of the woman. It was revealed that it was due to an allergy she had towards mouthwash.

It is essential that one keeps a check on what medications they might be allergic to and inform doctors about the same while any medical procedures, for the safety f their own selves.