Smoking in Public? Not Anymore, Says Edmonton

Smoking in Public? Not Anymore, Says EdmontonPeople of Edmonton want healthy environment for their children and therefore, they have urged the City council to ban smoking from public places especially from the sites that are commonly used by children. The council will be considering the matter next week.

Before making any decision, a survey was also conducted in the city last month and as a result, 80% of participators are found to be in favor of regulating smoking in public areas. They have also asked for an education campaign to be conducted.

Dr. Candice Nykiforuk of Alberta Policy Coalition for Cancer Prevention told council's community services committee: "A bylaw will raise awareness about the issue and act as a powerful deterrent to this behavior. It will create a culture in Edmonton where healthy activities are seen as normal".

The motion has been introduced by Counselor Linda Sloan, and she has particularly mentioned playgrounds, spray parks, outdoor fields and courts, rinks and skate parks as the places from where smoking should be totally banned.

To know public reaction, she only suggested having an education campaign and along with it a survey for one year. If the bylaw gets approved then offenders caught smoking in restricted zone would be penalized $250.