Smoking in movies influence teenagers

SmokingAccording to a UK research, smoking scenes in movies make teenagers try and take up smoking.

For reaching this conclusion, a study was conducted on about 5000 teenagers who were 15 year old and it was figured out based on their exposure to smoking on screen if it led to them taking up smoking.

It was seen that smoking was tried by teenagers who saw actors smoking on screen as compared to those who were not exposed to smoking scenes on screen. This also led to them being current smokers.

These findings might encourage a debate on whether smoking scenes should be banned in movies and the certification of movies containing smoking scenes.

Experts also state that the study is not a sure shot example of teenagers taking up smoking and it cannot prove that teenagers take up smoking based on their exposure to smoking scenes on screen.

Dr Andrea Waylen, who led the research, said, “Raising certification to 18 was necessary in the UK and would lower youth smoking rates.”

A request has been sent to the British Board of Film Classification, BBFC, about doing something to save children from particularly harmful imagery.