Heart attack possible if heavy traffic fumes are breathed in

heavy-trafficUK experts have stated that a heart attack can be triggered by breathing in heavy traffic fumes.

Researchers found that post-exposure, the risk of heart attack is raised for about six hours and goes down again after that.

It has been stated that rather than causing an attack directly, pollution hastens one.

They added that health gets affected by repeated exposure substantially shortening life expectancy and they have advised to stay off it as much as one can.

Prof Jeremy Pearson, associate medical director at the British Heart Foundation, which co-funded the study, said, “This large-scale study shows conclusively that your risk of having a heart attack goes up temporarily, for around six hours, after breathing in higher levels of vehicle exhaust.”

It was said that the chances of a clot gets possible as blood gets thickened and health gets affected majorly.

People who have been diagnosed with a heart problem should not spend much time in traffic like busy roads and jams as this will lead them to breath in more fumes that can lead to a possible heart attack.