Researchers can access high-quality clinical info

Glasgow-UniversityGlasgow University has been able to establish UK's first brain tumor tissue bank that the researchers and scientists across the country would be able to access.

For commercial researchers and academic researches, this will be a boon as they will get all possible clinical information from this repository based at the city's Southern General Hospital.

Tissue to test for sensitivity to chemotherapy, genetic links and to identify key markers for treatment, will be accessed easily for the first time ever by researchers who belong to any organization based at any location.

For patients, there will be more number of options available with this central bank and this will benefit them.

Professor Anthony Chalmers, who is chairman of clinical oncology at the university and heads the project, said, “We hope this resource will transform research into brain tumors and serve as a source of material for researchers in the community throughout the UK.”

High clinical data will be provided by all specimens and researchers will access high-quality tumor specimens after their application gets approval from the board of the Glasgow Biorepository.