Men Have Lower Immune Response than Women: Study

Men Have Lower Immune Response than Women: StudyResearchers of Queens Mary University of London have found that the immune system of the female mice is stronger than that of the male mice.

The researchers, who conducted a study on female and male mice, found that a female mice's body contains more number of white-blood-cells in comparison to the male mice. The white-blood-cells were not only more in number, but were stronger than that of males in fighting any sort of virus or infection that entered the body.

According to the information of the study, published in the journal Blood, female mice have two-times more number of white-blood-cells than male mice. Lead research scientist Dr. Ramona Scotland stated that: "Crucially, they didn't release as many of the chemicals that stimulate the immune system response. It's the release of these mediators that makes you feel lousy when you're fighting off an infection".

Dr. Ramona expects the same immune response among humans as they belong to the same group of mammals. The research also proves that the immune response of men to flu was weaker than that of women and this is why, men suffer more than women when they contracted flu.