Bloodsucking Leeches Saved Woman’s Life

LeechesLeeches, which are known for their blood-sucking nature, have recently proved beneficial for humans. It has been reported that with the help of leeches the Sweden surgeons has been able to give a lady new life.

It has been informed that in August a woman was violently attacked by her pet dog. She was rushed to Skane University Hospital. Her relatives have informed that the face of the woman was brutally attacked by the dog.

She was required to undergo an immediate surgery. It has been informed that the essential part of the face lips, nose and cheeks were almost destroyed in the attack. The surgeons were required to keep the blood flow normal in the damaged areas.

A 15-hour-long surgery was conducted to save the face of the women. During the operation, the surgeons took advantage of the leeches. More than 300 leaches were used to re-start the blood circulation in the body.

During the operation, the hospital ran out of leeches and therefore, leeches were called from UK. This is for the very first time when leeches have been used in an operation to give new life to a patient. Although the operation was success, the patient will be required to undergo more operations in future.