Highest Sales Growth since 2002 Posted by UK Stores for October

According to a revelation by the British Retail Consortium, on the back of a huge demand for Halloween costumes, clothing items and furniture, retailers from around UK posted the strongest sales growth since 2002 for the month of October.

Sales recorded at stores which have been open for a minimum of 12 months saw 3.8% rise for October as compared to last year. After a sharp fall in sales post the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, the current rise is being viewed as a much positive development. The total growth of sales, including new outlets, has been recorded as 5.9%.

"With less than 50 days to go before Christmas, retailers will be hoping improved consumer confidence will be sustained during the festive period and beyond”, said BRC Director General Stephen Robertson. “Shops have already started to battle it out for customers with a string of promotions and discounts. But 2010 has many uncertainties, including the likelihood of rising unemployment and tax increases".

Although the new figures and subsequent sales growth have been a delightful news, experts are quick to warn that these maybe temporary, a result of the "Holiday rush", and should not be taken as a definite sign of improvement. Also, these could fall anytime.