GMC Disciplines Kent GP over Religious Remarks

GMC Disciplines Kent GP over Religious Remarks Tough ride is ahead for a Kent GP as he was told to have breached the limit set by the General Medical Council (GMC) of not imposing any personal or religious belief on patients. It was told that the 51-year-old doctor in his consultation with a patient in August 2010, who had suicidal inclination, advised to follow Jesus or Christianity.

The unnamed patient got offended by Dr. Richard Scott and left the consultation in between, though the issue got bigger as GMC got into the matter.

Despite told to apologies for the same, the experienced doctor refused, leading the GMC to instruct the doctor to appear for the hearing.

"A line was crossed because Dr. Scott expressed his personal religious belief to a person who he knew was a vulnerable patient in a way that was plainly liable to cause the patient distress", said the counsel for the GMC, Paul Ozin, in the hearing where the victim was not present.

However, the doctor who has been working at the Bethesda Medical Centre in Margate, Kent, remained defiant on his stance by claiming that he had done his best to deal with a complicated case, which should not be seen as an unprofessional conduct under medical purview.