NHS Not Careful Enough About Infections

NHS Not Careful Enough About InfectionsIt has been revealed, as per an immunization expert from the Government, the NHS isn't taking proper control measures for fighting infections and is putting the patients at a high risk of the same.

Only a mere 34.7% of the health workers of the NHS were vaccinated against flu last year, which means that the rest of them were at a continuous risk of contracting flu, which could even infect the patients.

It was further revealed that the levels of immunization varied among the PCTS and the staff, one of them being as high as 90%, to the other being as low as 10%. It was a huge risk for the patients as well as staff members if there wasn't proper vaccination distributed among the staff of the hospitals. This would make the health care providers likely to spread infection and make people ill, rather than curing them.

"It is selfish of healthcare workers to not only fail to protect themselves but their patients from potentially infecting them [with flu]", revealed Professor Dame Sally Davies, the Chief medical officer of NHS. It was further added that this could lead to a host of other health problems.