Movies with Smoke Content to Be Banned For Kids Under 18

SmokeIt has been announced by the British Thoracic Society that the movies showing cigarette smoking will be given 18 certificates which means the CD of the movie won’t be sold or bought by kids under the age of 18.

The decision has been made keeping in my mind the hazardous impacts of smoke over the health of a person. There is no doubt that media plays a vital role in shaping the thinking of a person and forming ones personality. Experts are of the view that glamorous display of the use of smoke may lure the kids in to the habit of smoking.

But there are some who believe that by abstaining kids from watching a movie, just because of health issues seems to be an illogical decision. They are of the opinion that the by doing so the British Thoracic Society is hindering kids from enjoying a piece of art.

The decision of restricting kids from watching movie with adult content was made when it was found by the Bristol University of UK that the 5,166 adolescents adopted smoking behavior by watching movies. The figures were drawn considering the other factors responsible for smoking in teenagers which include genes, family background and friend circle.