EU Regulations Hampering Drug Development, Claim Charities

CharitiesIn a strange, special and surprising statement, a group of organizations, which embraces the British Heart Foundation, the Wellcome Trust and Cancer Research UK, has claimed that though researchers are being besieged with red tape by the Clinical Trials Directive of the European Commission, its "one-size-fits all" method is apparently braking the sanction of novel medicines which are in use at present.

Vague wording implies that nations are construing the directive in dissimilar manners and hence, carrying out international assessments is getting particularly complicated.

The laws are not in precise proportion, and experts argue that these regulations are further roasting medical advancement.

In the meantime, the organizations have released a mutual testimonial since the EU is going through its directive at present. A revised edition is likely to be released sometime next year.

In this regard, the President of the Academy of Medical Sciences (AMS), Prof. Sir John Bell said that the prevailing bylaws of clinical examinations throughout Europe are inducing unwanted complexities and delays and in addition, they are oppressing the prospective advancements in the field of medical sciences, without supplementary advantages to support the patients’ cause and concern.

Prof. Peter Johnson, the chief clinician from UK’s Cancer Research said that the immense advancement of paperwork has actually not assisted in enhancing the research work, and the process is nothing but expensive and slow.