Youngsters call in sick more than the aged

A new survey has stated that there are two times more chances of younger employees getting absent from work due to not feeling well and this is due to the fast-paced modern workplace seems to be taking its toll on youngsters.

A poll was conducted in the UK on about 3,000 adults and last year due to flu and colds, a day was taken off by people who were less than 30 years of age and allergies and intolerances were other problems that made youngsters take offs.

It was also reported that people who were more than 55 years of age did not consider tiredness, stress and feeling run down a reason to taken an off from work but people who were under 30 actually had these reasons to take an off.

Being too hungover was another reason to calling in saying that they were sick by people who were 18 to 29 years of age. Reasons like car sickness and constipation were also stated to be a cause for taking an off.

The survey also stated that when it came to people who were more than 55 years of age, bedridden was the reason for about 85 per cent people to call in sick.

As compared to people who were more than 55 years of age, junk food was eaten more regularly by people who were under 30 years of age. The daily five fruit and vegetable serving were also not regular among youngsters.