Prehistoric Cave Etchings 'Created by Three-Year-Olds'

Prehistoric Cave Etchings 'Created by Three-Year-Olds'According to recent information, it has been revealed that the famous finger flutings were crafted by artists by scurrying their hands and fingers down the pliable surfaces of the available roofs and walls.

According to researchers, prehistoric etchings, which were discovered in a cavern in France, are apparently the art of kids aged no more than three.

The ostensible finger flutings were identified at one of Hundred Mammoths’ caves in the region of Rouffignac, together with cave art which is apparently as old as nearly 13,000 years.

In this regard, researchers from Cambridge University recently came up with a promising technique meant for tracking the age and gender of the artists involved in making those beautiful and magnetizing etchings.

It is believed that one the most prolific etchings ever found was that made by a girl aged no more than five. The artists apparently ran her hands up and down the soft surface of the cavern to develop the enticing etching, which is reportedly one of the best ever developed, or literally discovered.

Reports have claimed that every year, thousands of visitors flock at Dordogne region’s caves in western France to esteem the depictions of rhinoceros, horses and mammoths available inside the 8km cave structure, which was seemingly discovered way back during 16th Century.