Fake Drugs Taking Its Toll in the UK

Fake Drugs Taking Its Toll in the UKA number of people are jeopardizing with their health as they are indulging in buying fake drugs from internet. The situation is worse in the UK where every year about 1.2 million people are found guilty of either trading the drugs or of possession of the drug.

It has been reported that in the last few years the production and trade of fake drugs have increased manifold. On Tuesday, two school girls of the UK were admitted to hospital after suffering heart related complications. It has been informed that these two girls were taking weight loss pills which were purchased by them from internet.

The era of internet has no doubt contributed a lot in the overall development of the world. But it has also led to increase in crimes like hacking and misguidance of which a user often becomes victim. Following the revelation of two girls buying fake weight loss pills 55 suspects have been arrested for selling counterfeit drugs.

Concerned over the misuse of drugs, the Health Minister, Edwin Poots said that there is a need of making people and especially parents aware about the hazardous of taking drugs without seeking a doctor’s advice. Moreover, the need of the hour is to arrest all those who have been putting the health of many in danger by selling the unauthorized drugs.