Immune Cells Govern Response to Alcohol, Says Study

Immune Cells Govern Response to Alcohol, Says StudyRecently, a team of experts from the Adelaide University has claimed that there are number of evidences to depict that alcohol has enough potential to introduce an array of changes in the human immune system as well as in the brain. Further, they have marked it to boost different responses such as staggering and slurring.

In addition, researchers have claimed that the blocking part of immune system can play role to minimize alcohol abuse and also to prevent road accidents down to alcohol. "Medications targeting toll-like receptor 4 may prove beneficial in treating alcohol dependence and acute overdoses”, added the lead study author, Mark Hutchinson.

During the study, experts treated mice with alcohol and observed that obstructing a protein named “toll-like receptor 4”, significantly minimized the alcohol intoxication levels among the animals.

While referring to figures, Mark Hutchinson notified that no less than two million people consume alcohol across the world, in spite of its negative consequences on health as well as on social and behavioral aspects. Further, he notified that researchers are putting their hard efforts to pinpoint the actual reasons for this.