Avoid Long Sitting Hours to Avoid Early Grave: Study

Avoid Long Sitting Hours to Avoid Early Grave: StudyA new research has notified that long sitting hours are curse for each person as they can increase the risk of dying at an early age. The study has found the connection between long hours of sitting with increased mortality rate.

The study has highlighted threat for office workers indulged in sitting jobs, and has proclaimed that large amount of daily sitting can lead to 48% chances for a premature death in comparison to their peers who do not have sitting jobs.

The researchers will present the findings of the study in the upcoming annual meet of 45 and Up Study, where people will be warned against too much sitting and indulging in physical activity to increase their survival rate.

The researchers have observed nearly 200,000 people of both genders in New South Wales, who are part of the longest and still running Southern Hemisphere study.

Co-author of the study, Professor Adrian Bauman stated that the findings have laid emphasis on the increased need of physical activity. The people will have to find an alternative otherwise long sitting would bring out adverse effects in their future lives. Also, they should indulge in physical activity to cope up with the long sitting hours they spend in their office each day.