Researchers Locate Gene Responsible for Type 1 Diabetes Risk

Researchers Locate Gene Responsible for Type 1 Diabetes RiskA team of researchers has located genes that may be responsible for Type 1 diabetes.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia researchers observed the data of around 10,000 type 1 diabetic patients and compared them with 17,000 non-diabetics.

One of the researchers of the study, Struan F. A. Grant stated: "We're much further along in finding the full genetic architecture in Type 1 diabetes than in any other complex disorder".

The data consisted Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) information that portray the alteration that has taken place in the DNA system. SNPs help the researchers by warning them about a specific gene region linked with the disease.

After observing those many people, researchers located three SNPs and till now, 50 SNPs have been recognized including the three new ones. These new SNPs are believed to be associated with type 1 diabetes and have been found in LMO7 gene on chromosome 13.

Type 1 diabetes is a condition caused due to lack of production of insulin in the body. Insulin is a hormone present in the body that keeps check on blood sugar levels in the body. With less insulin in the body, there is excessive glucose in bloodstream and so, people with the condition have to take insulin daily for survival.