Twitter for Analyzing Temperament of People!

TwitterResearchers from Cornell University conducted a research, through social utility site Twitter, on the aspect of change in human frame of mind beyond culture and environment boundaries.

The researchers posted a questionnaire on Twitter, which was responded by 509 million visitors out of 2.4 million users belonging to 84 countries. The research started in February 2008 and ended in January 2010.

The research analyzed the temperament of people that that they carried through each day, week, and month and even season. As per Cornell Sociologist and co-author of the study, Michael Macy, the study cannot be relied upon completely. The researchers have trusted the unreliable facts and examples.

The researchers have focused more on the actions people committed than the feelings. The tempo and feedback of viewers on questionnaire were almost same despite the fact that responders were from different countries like India, Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Britain, Canada and the United States.

The researchers, in order to derive at a specific conclusion, looked for 1,000 words in the feedbacks which presented positive side of the temperament carried by the responders. The researchers considered the response of those individuals who tweeted 400 times and the responders with less than 25-times of tweets were disqualified.