People Are Happy During Morning Hours, Says Study on Twitter

People Are Happy During Morning Hours, Says Study on TwitterPopular social networking site, Twitter has gained immense popularity with just a small time span, around five years. Besides frequent users, the site has succeeded to acknowledge appreciation from experts also who have claimed that even though it enables user to communicate through 140-character posts, Twitter provides a platform to understand human psychology as well as social networks.

"Twitter offers an unprecedented opportunity for social and behavioural scientists to study social behaviour and interaction in real time with high temporal granularity ", added research coauthor and Cornell sociologist, Michael Macy, while appearing for a telephonic interview, on Friday.

During the research, experts have attempted to read the psychology of around 2.4 million people through reading roughly 509 million tweets casted between February 2008 and January 2010 and observed that a majority of people are energetic in the morning and tends to decline enthusiasm with the passage of the day. In addition, they have also suggested that people are happier in a few months, from December to late June.

While commenting on the findings, the lead study author, Scott Golder, said that it provides opportunities to estimate societies at a huge scale.