York Keen on Arthritis Research

ArthritisIn what may well turn out to be an immense help in safeguarding better and effective health services in the region, York researchers are apparently all in eagerness to unveil a £6 million health centre.

The prospective centre is likely to enhance services in the field of osteoarthritis, thereby ensuring quality life for millions of patients all over the region. The upcoming centre is reportedly a joint venture of the University of York and Arthritis Research UK.

Both the organizations have apparently joined hands over the novel investigational tissue engineering centre, which apparently focuses on regenerating cartilage and bone with help of patients’ stem cells in order to fix joint damages in patients suffering from osteoarthritis.

It is being believed that the research is likely to revolutionize the therapy system used to combat the dreadful menace forced by osteoarthritis, which intrudes nearly eight million British people.

In addition, the process will ultimately tighten the screws on need for joint replacement surgeries.

Expressing his positive speculations regarding the upcoming centre, the Medical Director of Arthritis Research UK, Prof. Alan Selman said that it is enormously exhilarating. At present, joint replacement operation is the most efficient cure for the said infirmity, though the condition of people enduring osteoarthritis is permitted to depreciate till the time they attain a fitting point for treatment.