Early-to-Bed, Early-to-Rise Makes Your Kids Healthy and Wise

Early-to-Bed, Early-to-Rise Makes Your Kids Healthy and WiseA latest study, carried out through analysis of no less than 2,200 kids, has pinpointed a number of benefits of early-to-bed, early-to-rise sleeping pattern and insisted that kids who tend to rise early in the morning are more active, slim and physically active as compared to other children of same age group, even if both the groups have identical slipping hours.

During the study period, specialists examined kids on parameters of their sleeping habits and observed a number of health complications, including obesity among those who preferred night culture. Besides obesity, these children were also observed to have lesser stamina and lesser physical activity, almost double than earlier risers. In addition, night-owls tend to spend more time with television and video games are less likely to take part in healthy activities.

"We don't know if it's their sleep patterns have knock-on effects to the kinds of activities they do or if their activities affect their sleep patterns", explained the lead study author, Carol Maher.

While addressing audiences during British Psychological Society conference, a researcher from the Roehampton University situated in London, Dr. Joerg Huber insisted that morning people increases their chances to live a healthier life due to low body mass indices.