Controversy Continues Around NHS Reforms

Controversy Continues Around NHS ReformsIt seems that the controversial Health and Social Care Bill has started showing its effect, as it has been confirmed that a clan of GPs in York had approached nearly 30 patients to offer their private service, saying that the NHS cannot manage minor health procedures.

As the news struck the contours of the society, it’s being believed that by letting the proposed NHS reforms seam through, such cases would become regular and that has always been a major contentious issue for critics of the NHS reforms.

Letting the private players manipulate the NHS could affect the model of health care established from the very beginning.

While the questioned doctors are putting their best possible defense, strong opposition is being seen from Department of Health, local health officials, and the British Medical Association.

Even offering private healthcare services is being questioned under the Data Protection Act and that’s what miffed Health Minister Paul Burstow to an extent that he made it clear that patient health care would not be get affected by the private sector.

"We have made it illegal for this, or any future government, to deliberately favor the private sector”, said Paul Burstow, while claiming that confidential information of NHS services should not be shared by GPs with patients for their vested interest.