Two Care Home Employees Detained Over Suspicion of Resident Neglect

Two Care Home Employees Detained Over Suspicion of Resident NeglectAccording to latest reports, it has been revealed that two care home employees have been recently picked up by police on notion of overlooking and mistreating aged patients suffering from dementia.

A man, 48, and a woman, 54, were apparently held over suspicions regarding faulty application of medications at Orchid View, which is monitored by the waning Southern Cross.

In the meantime, owners of the council are reportedly keen on to relocating 87 individuals residing in Copthorne, West Sussex.

Yesterday, police revealed that a woman from Surry’s Godstone and a man from West Sussex’s Burgess Hill had received bailed till November 14. However, Southern Cross announced its expression of interest in completely cooperating with the inquest.

Earlier last week, Sussex Police claimed that an inquest is in progress regarding contentions allied to a handful of residents and doubted that faulty application of medications is accountable for generating the dilemma. Still, there are no confirmations of anybody suffering from critical medical snags down to the alleged conduct.

In this regard, a police spokesman said that so far, no arrests have been done in the case, and the police department is not prepared to thrash out whether the probe will progress further.

Southern Cross was once the largest care home bringer in UK, but collapsed during May due to financial unrest.