Researcher Keen on Tracking Sun's Effects on Folate

Researcher Keen on Tracking Sun's Effects on FolateAccording to latest information, a recent study, which was carried out by a team of researchers from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia, has revealed that mums-to-be who love enjoying the sun for an extended period of time are highly susceptible towards catching the terminal skin cancer.

Though researchers are very much certain that exposure to sun for a longer period of time ten to reduce the levels of vitamin folate in the human body, they admitted that deeper research is still needed into the matter for analyzing the actual impact of sun exposure on prospective mothers.

However, researchers will further study the matter with deep consideration and narrowness in order to identify the association between extended exposure to sun and the eradication of the highly imperative vitamin folate, and its adverse impact on the general health of prospective mums and foetus.

The study, which is being steered by David Borradale, a postgraduate student at the university’s Faculty of Health, have already illustrated that harmful ultraviolet radiation impinging from the sun tend to decrease the levels of folate which can result in faulty and incomplete progress of spinal cord in the foetus and in fact, it can also result in hampering the development of foetal brain.