Electric Cars Might Cause Environmental Harm - ETA

A recent report by the Environmental Transport Association has revealed that although electric cars have the potential of benefitting the environment, there are also strong chances that they could end up causing more harm than good if the energy production does not change.

The report has also asserted that a switch to electric cars from traditional ones will not necessarily “reduce CO2 emissions or dependence on oil". Also, if the demand for electric cars increases, so will the electricity consumption and requirement. ETA is now saying that before touting electric cars as environment friendly, one should take into consideration the source of all the required energy.

ETA director Andrew Davis said, "While the report is not intended to dampen enthusiasm for electric vehicles, their introduction should not be viewed as a panacea. Significant changes to the way we produce and tax power are needed before we will reap any benefits".

The new report has managed to challenge the current position of the 'next big thing' that electric cars are currently enjoying.