More Than 4,648 People Committed Suicide in 2009, Reveals Study

SuicideIn 2009, more than 4,648 people ended their lives across England and Wales. The majority of experts have pinpointed increasing trend of "narrative verdicts" as a responsible factor for the increased death rates and also expressed doubts on the authenticity of available figures. The National Institute for Health Research has funded the research.

An expert from the University of Bristol, Professor David Gunnell, in collaboration with his colleagues from the Universities of Oxford and Manchester, has emphasized to introduce some alterations as an attempt to ensure reliable national suicide statistics during the coming years.

"The variation in practice by different coroners means that local figures could be less reliable. We are working with coroners, and others concerned, to resolve these issues”, explained Professor Gunnell.

On the other hand, Andre Rebello, of the Coroners' Society of England and Wales, claimed that the society had knowledge about the ONS issues and said that training was imparted to coroners in order to elaborate the complications.

However, the Chairman of the Government's National Suicide Prevention Strategy Advisory Group, Professor Louis Appleby has claimed that the findings have presented “nothing new”.