You Got to Be Rich, Not Handsome to Win Her Heart!

You Got to Be Rich, Not Handsome to Win Her Heart!Recent studies have revealed that women prefer dating fast rich guys more than well built poor guys. It has been revealed in a survey that women these days prefer guys with cash, irrespective of their looks. He survey was conducted by a team from the Columbia University and the lead author of the study was Pierre -Andre.

Amongst all those myths people had about being loved for their humor or for their intellect or their soul, the truth appears to be that there are merely two major aspects people pay attention to, while choosing their partners. It is the physical appearance and the economic status of the person that really matters.

Most people consider that physical attributes of a person can be compensated for, with their monetary benefits. It's not very strange considering the sort of materialism the world believes in these days. Attraction in the first sight does not account for how good the heart or the soul of the person is, it usually depends on how good looking or how rich the person looks.

There are a lot of women in this world who compromise to live with ugly looking men, if they have huge bank balances.