Tele-health: A Boon for Health Sector!

Tele-health: A Boon for Health Sector!The initiative taken by the NHS trusts for providing care to patients located at far places is putting the other care services of the health sectors. With the pursuit of providing better care and treatment to the patients, the NHHS trusts in 2006 took the initiative of introducing tele-health. This facility has proved helpful to many patients who find it difficult to contact the medical experts.

Through the tele-health services many patients, irrespective of their diseases where provided care timely as patients were not required to travel and to get them self admitted. Moreover, the treatment provided to these patients was effective.

For the establishment of tele-health facility, the authorities concerned invested £5 million. A review conducted over the tele-health faci9lity has found that the facility can do more than just saving life. According to the Audit Scotland, the facility has the potential of saving £1,000 per patient per year.

It has come to light that half of the population is not aware about the facility of tele-health. It is believed that if the people are made aware of the effectiveness of the facility then a large sum of money could be saved.

The Auditor General for Scotland, Robert Black is of the view that the money saved from the tele-health facility could be utilized towards improving the care of elder patients. He further noted, ‘The NHS in Scotland is facing serious pressures from the ageing population and increasing numbers of people with long-term health conditions such as diabetes and respiratory illnesses. Telehealth could help to provide a range of services efficiently and effectively”.