CQC‘s Inspection Report on NHS Hospitals

CQC‘s Inspection Report on NHS HospitalsAn inspection visit, made by Care Quality Commission on 100 NHS hospitals in the region, found that hospitals were not able to meet basic care standards and many of them needed to make major advancements.

Out of the 100 hospitals visited, 35 hospitals were recommended to overhaul the setup, while 18 were asked to improve care services so that they don’t fall below the basic care service benchmark. The review by CQC found that most of the patients were not provided even with the routine checkup, because the doctors and nurses were use to of taking these matters carelessly.

The doctors and nurses of the hospitals have been found ignoring care service demanded by patients, they did not attend calls, and did not help patients who required assistance while carrying out tasks like eating, drinking or going to bathroom.

As per the Chairman of the CQC, Dame Jo Williams, “The fact that over half of hospitals were falling short to some degree in the basic care they provided to elderly people is truly alarming and deeply disappointing”.

He further stated that many times, Investigating Officials have found that the staff at the hospital considered providing care services as a duty. The care services provided by the staff did not consist of aspects like gentleness or sympathy.

The Health Minister of the UK, Andrew Lansley criticized the performance of the staff at the hospitals in the region and stated it as unacceptable.