Rise In Use of Condoms among Teens: CDC Report

Rise In Use of Condoms among Teens: CDC ReportAccording to a recent report of the CDC, there has been an increase in the use of condoms by teenagers in recent times. This sort of means that tees have started getting the message the authorities have been trying to spread since decades now, safe sex.

They further revealed that though the sexual activities of the teens seem to have seen no drop, they are now at least conscious and careful about the spread of diseases through unsafe sex and are responsible enough to use protective measures.

This seems to be a good sing. In recent times, there has been an increase in the number of awareness camps all across the world, for prevention of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. They can tend to have drastically deteriorative effects on the human body, and there is need for protection against the same.

It was also found that on one hand there has been an increase in use of condoms by boys; on the other hand, here has been a relative decline in the use of other methods for birth control such as contraceptives.

It is again a positive sign because condoms are superficial and do not harm either of the partner, whereas when the girl has to take contraceptive pills, a number of long-term side effects on her body are a part of the deal. All in all, it seems like the moral science lectures, seemed to have paid off, at least partially.