Toxin SEIX Derived from MRSA Strains Attacks the Immune Cells, says Study

Toxin SEIX Derived from MRSA Strains Attacks the Immune Cells, says StudyA breakthrough in the biology of MRSA strains by the researchers from the University of Edinburg is being considered as a great source of help to other researchers.

The researchers have found a toxin called SElX, secreted by the strain of MRSA as responsible for damaging the healthy cells of the immune system. The research was carried out by researchers from, Iowa and Mississippi State along with University of Edinburg. The researchers studied the strain of MRSA called USA300. This toxin is formed by amalgamation of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria along with the infectious bacteria received from the hospitals.

The toxin when secreted in the immune systems starts developing more number of immune cells that result in damaging the health of the person by causing high fever, severe infection in lungs and toxic shock.

The MRSA strains a number of toxins, but the toxin SEIX is formed by the amalgamation of all the strains making it even stronger than the rest. The research was sponsored by Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, the US government's National Institutes of Health and Department of Agriculture, and Pfizer Animal Health

The research therefore, opens way for further research on development of certain medicines that can fight the toxin in the immune system. As per Dr. Ross Fitzgerald, from the university's Roslin Institute, "If we can find ways to target this toxin, we can stop it from triggering an over-reaction of the body's immune system and prevent severe infections”.