Dementia to Rise in Time to Come

Dementia to Rise in Time to ComeThere have been recent predictions made by scientists that Dementia might seem to rise in Queanbeyan. A new report has revealed that there might be a rise in the number of dementia cases in the Eden-Monaro, by the year 2050. This is going to be a very drastic increase of 295%.

Out of the places under the NSW that are affected by this disease Eden-Monaro is on the 25th position. It is expected to jump the fence to show a rise in the number of cases soon. Australia is of the view that this is going to e a disease that shall cause a lot of problems for the people in the time to come.

These reports have merely come from survey and predictions. Authorities revealed that more and more people are getting the disease at young age, and there is need or effective control of the same before it breaks out to become an epidemic in the time to come.

The reason for the rise was stated to be the living conditions and the undue stress that people are undergoing these days. This seems to have taken a toll on their health and people are contracting this disease more often.

"We are continuing to invest in dementia research and programs that provide support to people living with dementia, including information, counseling, and education and training to strengthen the capacity of care workers”, Mark Butler, spokesperson for Mental Health Minister.