Difference between a Kid and Chimp

It has been revealed, according to a recent study, that there is another difference between humans and chimpanzees, despite them being our famous ancestors. The study is of the view that chimpanzees don’t lie working in groups whereas humans do.

In a study conducted on children aged three and chimpanzees of about the same age were assigned activities. It was found that human children were more interested in working as teams, but as for the chimpanzees they wanted to do their own thing and avoided working with others.

This test was conducted by Yvonne Rekers from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology from Germany. She proved that humans have more homogeneity and unity in them than the chimpanzees. "We expected to find differences between human and chimpanzee cooperation, because humans cooperate in a larger variety of contexts and in more complex forms than chimpanzees”, she said.

It means that there has been an evolution in this quality of man as well as others, since the transition over the years from becoming human from being monkeys.

There are differences in the motivators of chimpanzees and humans as well. While recognition, applaud and treats might be motivators for human children, chimps are motivated by food, bananas to be specific.

It is essential that kids are taught to be cooperative and understanding with each other from the very beginning of their lives, so that these basic traits like unity continue to grow in them in their later life.