Vitamin D Beneficial for TB

Vitamin D Beneficial for TBThe benefits of Vitamin D has been known to many but this is for the very first time when the researchers have found that the Vitamin D helps in strengthening the immunity system to fight against the strains of tuberculosis (TB).

In a recent research, the California University researchers have found that Vitamin D deactivates Myobacterium tuberculosis which is the main bacteria that triggers TB is a patient. It has been informed by researchers that with introduction of vitamin D in the body, a process in which protein called interferon-g interact with the cells takes place. This process creates hindrance in the path of Myobacterium tuberculosis as a result a person is saved from being affected by TB.

For long, it was known that Vitamin D helps TB patients recover. That’s why many TB patients were asked to take sunbaths on regular basis. But, it was not known as to how vitamin D makes the immunity system of a TB patient stronger.

During the research, researchers found that T-cells plays vital role in combating various infections. It is hoped that trough the findings of the research, a new treatment for the TB patients could be gauged. Researchers are advising the TB patients to start taking Vitamin D supplements as they are found to be beneficial of restricting the spread of TB. It has been reported by the World Health Organization that as many as 8.8 million people are suffering from TB.