UCL President Malcolm To Be Next NHS Chairman

UCL President Malcolm To Be Next NHS ChairmanIf you think that the chairman of the NHS would have to be on his toes 24x7, then you might think again as he just has to come for two days a week and would be given £63,000 foe that period.

The news came into limelight when the Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, publicized the name of the person, who would chair the NHS board, and he is Malcolm Grant, who is the president and provost of University College London. Though his pay would be less in comparison to UCL as there he used to get £376,190, and was counted among the top 20 earners in the field of public sector.

It would be a double job for Malcolm as he has to handle UCL and NHS as well, but UCL is showing great amount of cooperation as they have announced that they would ensure that the NHS gets his due time, and for that they would reduce his public appointments in regard to the NHS.

It is expected that Prof Malcolm, would get his appointment after Tuesday, as by that time discussion session with the Commons health committee, would get over. Malcolm welcomed the news, and was of the view that he would try that under his chairman ship, the NHS should make leaps and bounds of struggle. He mentioned that quality of service would be his prime priority. He further affirmed that `three Ps would always be in his mind while he performs the duty, and those are public service, professionalism and pride'.