New Reports Highlight Increase in Patients’ Waiting Times

New Reports Highlight Increase in Patients’ Waiting TimesDespite big advancements, it doesn't seem we are heading on the right path if we talk about the waiting times of the patients to get a hospital treatment.

Concerns of the authorities rose higher today after seeing the new reports submitted by the King's Fund and official Department of Health. In their reports both the departments have revealed that despite big advancements in sciences and medical industry, efforts seems result less as the authorities could not do good to reduce the patient's waiting times to get themselves a hospital treatment.

Moreover, it was also showcased in the reports that NHS waiting list is also skyrocketing today because averagely one in every three NHS trusts have today breached their waiting times by more than four times if we compare the number to the same time last year.

Failure of approx 45 primary care trusts (PCTs) in England in the month of August in treating the patients within 18 weeks referral time (as given by their GP) remained top in the report followed by the report upon the 12 PCTs, who breached the waiting times target in August 2010.

Though reports have highlighted the above figures, NHS still has succeeded in meeting the national target for treating 90 percent patients within 18 weeks referral period, credit of which could go to the PCTs, who are performing much better than others trusts or authorities that come under NHS.

Regarding the situation, a spokesman for the Department of Health said that "Average waiting times are low and remain stable. The vast majority of patients still receive treatment within 18 weeks."