NHS reforms still face heat

NHS reforms still face heatThere was a voting conducted on not to keep the plans of privatization away and still a lot of criticism has come for David Cameron for his hated NHS reforms.

Many Lib Dems voted with the Tories and this has shown the real picture to people dashing their hopes that peers would prevent the health service being opened up to profit-making companies.

Ministers have been warned by Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham that opposition will come in and this is not the end of the Parliamentary process.

He said, “The best thing would be to drop the Bill so the NHS can focus on the financial challenge and get the NHS through the dangerous period. Instead the Government is locking it into a period of limbo – this protracted debate.”

It was said that the fight will go on as people are not agreeing to the NHS reforms and things will take time and moreover Labour will want substantial and drastic changes to it.

People said that the reforms being planned for the NHS will not in any way help the NHS.