Cow anthrax test site in Herefordshire gets restricted

Cow anthrax test site in Herefordshire gets restrictedA cow death has taken place at Herefordshire and attempts are on by health officials to figure out if anthrax caused the death of the cow. Tests for this are being conducted by the officials.

It was found at the farm at Bartonsham near Hereford and its carcass was also burnt in the field on the farm.

At the gates leading on to the field, decontamination equipment has been placed and entry into the area is restricted for which warning signs have been placed.

The cow was examined by a vet and reason of the death is not known yet.

An overnight stay was made by an official from Herefordshire Council and there is a footpath that lies across the field where the cow was found and due to the death it has been closed.

It was stated by a Defra spokesman that routine tests were conducted by officials if a cow died in a field.

Mike Higgins, from Herefordshire Council, said, “Going through laboratory tests with cultures being grown does take a little bit of time.”

Defra must be notified if a death occurs as anthrax is a notifiable disease.