Researchers Explain Heart Disease Risk in Women

Researchers Explain Heart Disease Risk in WomenAs per the reported information, a new research conducted by the Los Angeles Women's Heart Center at Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute’s researchers certainly have answered many unanswered questions related to the cause of heart attacks among women.

According to these researchers, after suffering a heart attack, women surely get more prone to uphold their systolic function. In medical terms, the process is generally known as hearts aptitude to contract and drive blood from the chambers into the arteries.

In order to make their study findings more reliable, compared the heart attack risk data of the women with those of me and they were surprised to find that as compared to men, heart disease evidences performed differently in women as they certainly affected the microvasculature, identified as minute blood vessels instead of the macrovasculature generally known as chief blood vessels.

Meanwhile, the study findings also discovered that as compared to women, after a heart attack, men became the chief victim of losing their blood pumping capability.

While, the researchers continued to explain the study procedures and affirmed that as an alternative, the oxygen deficiency and succeeding heart spoil risk became more prone when minute blood vessels became dysfunctional.

Sharing her views about the study findings, Dr. Bairey Merz, the chief study author said, “That is the reason women are often misdiagnosed and suffer adverse events and the physicians have been looking for male pattern disease, when we need to start looking at female patterns”.