Breast Cancer Awareness Month Calls for Women to Share Concerns

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Calls for Women to Share ConcernsBreast cancer is no doubt a contentious issue for governments across the world, and that’s the reason that it’s being given the desired level of attention. On the same lines, voices are being heard to call women aged 45 to 69 to come forward to share their concerns attached with breast cancer. Even the same plea has been endorsed by Rowena Kui, Whanganui District Health Board's Manager of population health and inequalities, who is sound believer of the fact that women must come and join Breast Cancer Aotearoa.

There have been incessant suggestions by experts regarding the benefits of mammograms, and that’s what is being advised to women so that any risk attached with breast cancer can be figured out at appropriate time.

So far, there have been reports that women by and large are overlooking the need to get themselves checked for breast cancer, but there is substantial proof that screening tests are the best means to know about the severity of the disease.

It has been even confirmed that one can get a new lease of life if diagnosed with breast cancer at an early stage, and for that to happen, one must have to make efforts.

In order to ensure that there is no hassle whatsoever accessing free screening tests, a movable unit would be working at the Gonville Medical Centre from October 10-21 and the another fixed unit would offer their services at Progressive Medical Imaging in Wicksteed St.

Deciphering the sensitivity of the issue, Mrs. Kui has called for women to contact at toll free number 0800 270 200 or they can visit www. breastscreen. govt. nz for more information. With the breast cancer awareness month going on, this is perhaps among the best opportunities available for women to come out breaking their shackles to get tested for breast cancer.