Liquorice Extracts Help in Menopausal Treatment: Research

Liquorice Extracts Help in Menopausal Treatment: ResearchAccording to a new research, conducted by the Southern California University researchers, a liquorice extract might slash the chances of hot flushes by almost 80%, plus the same product could also alter the way menopausal women are treated.

Meanwhile, the researchers highlighted that the Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was another effectual treatment process but it was not easily available because in past few months, many news reports declared that the procedure was not a safe one, as it certainly increased cancer and stroke risk in among some women.

Sharing her views about the study findings, Southern California University professor, Dr. Marsha Baker asserted that the new research findings certainly have fulfilled all its medical promises and with the help of these innovative findings they will soon start advising all the individuals to buy liquorice products, as they could certainly get new treatment therapies to cure their fatal health problems.

She continued to explain the product’s advantages, and accounted that as compared to other products, the consumers always doubt on the production of these products and further the issues related to their actual active working also get augmented.

She also believed that the best part about their study findings was that they used the limited and required liquorice impact during their study trials.

She added, "I think it would be hard to pinpoint anything because when you start talking about other products, there are issues around how they are prepared, how much of the actual active complement are in them".

On the other hand, another researcher for the same study, Dr .Donna Shoupe said that the liquorices extracts certainly created a direct connection directly to oestrogen receptors in the body, swindling the brain to perform the thinking process and after experimenting with these products, most of the women admitted that the products really worked against their lethal problems.