Hypertension in Pregnant Women Can Harm the Babies

Hypertension in Pregnant Women Can Harm the BabiesIt is a well known fact that whatever a pregnant woman does or thinks or eats, shall directly affect the health of her child. It has now been added by a recent report that if women tend to have high blood pressure during pregnancy, it might tend to have adverse effects on the baby.

It might tend to result in birth related disorders in the child, especially if the mother suffers from hypertension during the first crucial trimester of pregnancy.

For the same reason women may be prescribed Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE). These are meant to control the hypertension and prevent it. It has already been pronounced that they tend to have certain ill effects on the health of the child during the later stages in pregnancy, but the first trimester effects are yet to be discovered.

The research has been conducted by a team from the Kaiser Foundation Research Institute in California, led by Dr De-Kun Li.

It was found that these medicines tend to have side effects on the child. This is the reason pregnant women are usually advised to stay away from medications, as much as possible.

"Our finding suggests that it is likely the underlying hypertension rather than use of antihypertensive drugs in the first trimester that increases the risk of birth defects in offspring", revealed the research.

In the meanwhile the women can simply be careful they don't stress too much or take too much tension about anything, during the crucial months of childbearing. There is need for complete medical assistance as well as support from the family, to make sure the mother and the baby are both healthy. For women who tend to get panicky about little things, yoga and meditation, can work wonders.