Junk Food Leads to Infertility: Study

Junk Food Leads to Infertility: StudyAs per reports, the American and Spanish scientist have recently made a very surprising claim about the Junk food habit and surely after reading these findings, all the young men will think twice before buying these products.

However, this was not the first time that the researchers have given a wakeup call for these high calorie food stuffs, as many previous studies have also proved the fact that the food caused many critical health problems.

In the study, both the researchers particularly highlighted some junk food items that contained Tran’s fats, as the researchers found that these fats forced the healthy young men to face several infertility problems.

All these claims came to limelight after the Harvard University’s Fertility doctors in a teamwork done with the Murcia University doctors evaluated the sperm samples of about hundreds of men falling in the age group of 18 and 22.

In order to make the study findings more reliable, the researchers conducted numerous trail procedures and determined that if the junk food stuff might lead to some other problems, which could too influence their reproductive system.

In the meantime, researchers accounted that just because of these hazardous fats, the healthy young men spoiled their sperms and they end up becoming unproductive.

Sharing his viewpoints about the study findings, Harvard's Department of Nutrition Professor, Audrey Gaskins said, “I think motility is most important for couples who are trying to conceive naturally. It's our hope that a small increase could lead to a small increase in fertility rates”.

Meanwhile, another study conducted by Japanese researchers too proved that accounted that several sensible regular exercise sessions undoubtedly helped these young men to improve their sperm quality and along with this advantage, they also had a great chance of making their egg fertilizing journey more advanced.