NHS Denies Negligence towards Transportation of Patients

NHS Denies Negligence towards Transportation of PatientsNHS have been providing serious patients free transportation facility in ambulances of the trust which are well equipped with necessary medicine and machines so as to ensure the wellbeing of the patients, while they are being brought into the hospital and while transferring them from the hospital.

As per information, East Midlands Ambulance Service and North West Ambulance services have spent $1.3 million on hiring taxis for the patients including those who are in good health to travel themselves.

EMAS and NWA have reportedly failed to provide the needy patients with proper transportation. This also signifies ignorance of the NHS towards the health of the patients as taxis are neither equipped with any necessary medicine nor the person driving is trained to drive smoothly.

The Director of Finance for the services of transportation, Brain Brewster, denied the fact saying that it is a part of their strategy to save fundamental capital. He said they have been using mixed sources. He also deprived of the fact of taxis being used for transporting the patients; he said that they have been using the paid services provided by Red Cross, St John Ambulance or other service givers whom we can rely upon. He added that patients are treated as per their requirements and while being transported staff members accompany the patient.

The Department of Health seems to ignore the issue and has left the decision in the hands of the senior officers of NHS. The NHS on the other hand says that it is delivering the best it can to serve the patients in need. NHS added saying that they are working on strategies to control the outflow of income.