Fluorescent Globes: Reason for Eye Disease

Fluorescent Globes: Reason for Eye DiseaseIn the world of technology where scientific inventions have substituted the natural resources, human seems to have ignore the fact that man made resources are destructive in nature. They hold some after affects which starts with dependence and ends with at suffering. The proof for the same is provided by the findings of a research conducted by the Australian National University, which cites that use of fluorescent globes can cause eye disease like cataract and pterygia. The point to be noticed is that the disease is caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays.

The research states that florescent light will increase the percentage of eye disease by 12% which will result in an addition of 3,000 and 7,500 patients of cataract and pterygia each year, respectively. Florescent light or the artificial light gives an exposure of more than 2000 to 3500k to the ultraviolet rays, which is above the normal safe standard preferred by the doctors. Such a revelation can lead to eye disease by damaging the eye cells. The photoreceptors present in the retina of the eye are damaged by the UV rays which lead to cataract.

Every year thousands of patients are analyzed with severe eye disease like cataracts and pterygia, doctor's advice that the disease could be prevented if more of incandescent light is used i. e. the natural light is used. The florescent light was brought into being so as to reduce the greenhouse gases but it seems to have increased the cases of eye disease.

The study clears that unnecessary UV rays have increased the concern about the health of people, although the shift from incandescent globes to fluorescent globes was made with a useful purpose of conserving energy and reducing global warming. Use of UV filters can help to prevent the disease.